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Making it your home

Building a new home has its ups and downs. It can be a lot of excitement but it can also be overwhelming at times. Anyone who has gone through this process can attest to that. More than likely, they are happy with the outcome but they loathed the process! That is where we come in!

We have experience with Semi-Custom Home Builders and the process of going through a new home purchase and design. Going through the Design Center, watching the progress, and communicating with you and the builder are all extremely important to keeping stress low and maximizing this process. You should never feel rushed during this time but often times, people do unfortunately feel that way. We are here to remove the burden!

What Do You Need?

  • Assistance in Selecting Finishes for Your Home
  • Verifying & Following the Progress of Your Home
  • To Work With the Construction Managers on Walk-Throughs
  • To Communicate with the Project Managers on Walk-Throughs
  • Ensure All Materials & Defects are Assessed Prior to Closing

What We Do!

  • Take You Through the Design Center & Arrange Selections
  • Keep Updates With Construction Crew for Progress on the Home
  • Work With Construction Manager to Ensure all Selections Are Correct
  • Attend Walk-Throughs with Project Manager for Verification of Progress
  • Track & Verify Materials & Home Have Any & All Defects Addressed

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