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Professional Work Spaces

Homezy has been fortunate to partner alongside an IT company, BGCSsystems, for servicing K-12 School Districts throughout the State of Tennessee. BGCSystems handles a great deal of technology and hardware for these schools while Homezy handles furniture, storage, and room arrangement for this technology.

Homezy is proud to work outside of technology furniture for schools, as well. We know Classrooms, Breakrooms, Conference rooms in Board Offices, Administrative Offices, and Common Areas for Students and Parents need furniture, as well! We are happy to fill these spaces with functional, versatile pieces that serve a great purpose for education and collaborative learning.

To remove the burden for the school, Homezy delivers, installs, and assembles all pieces ordered by the district. Our goal is to make a room turnkey!

What Do You Need?

  • Commercial Grade Desks & Chairs
  • File Cabinets, Bookshelves, & Other Storage
  • Conference Room Tables & Seating
  • Common Area Seeating & Tables
  • Administrative & Private Office Seating
  • Technology & Training Furniture
  • Mobile Laptop Carts
  • Computer Lab Tables & Chairs

What We Do!

  • Talk With You to Determine Your Needs & Wants
  • Discuss Budget & Overall Timeline for Project
  • Determine Design Style & Office Atmosphere
  • Build & Present a Custom Design Plan With Pricing
  • Deliver, Assemble, & Install Each Piece for Completion

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